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Petition: Attachment One

Resolution by the Association of Black Psychologists

APPROVED AT THE 1980 ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION OF THE BLACK PSYCHOLOGISTS; Aug 13 – 16,  Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists  (Reprinted from  Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery, (ISBN 0933821-00-x), Na’im Akbar, Ph.D, New Mind Productions, .P. O Box 5185 Jersey City, NJ 07305


WHEREAS: The portrayal of the Divine in images of Caucasian flesh constitutes an oppressive instrument destructive to the self-esteem of Black people throughout the world and is directly destructive to the psychological well-being of Black Children


WHEREAS: The Association of Black Psychologists has condemned the negative portrayal of the Divine as Caucasian as the most pervasive assertion of white supremacy. We see such grandiosity on the part o Caucasian people as destructive to themselves and damaging to people who accept white supremacy mages as subliminal elements of their religious beliefs


WHEREAS: There is a negative psychological impact when images of the Divinity and Divine figures are portrayed in Caucasian flesh with Caucasoid features, the Association of Black psychologists considers such portrayal as being a mechanism which insidiously advocates white supremacy and by implication Black inferiority.


WHEREAS: the Association of Black Psychologist, as practicing experts in human mental functioning, recognizes that the persistent exposure to such images is particularly  damaging to immature Black minds;


RESOLVED: The Association of Black Psychologists recommends the removal of Caucasoid images of the Divinity from public display and from places of worship, particularly in settings where immature Black minds are likely to be exposed.


RESOLVED: That the Association of Black Psychologist provide copies of this resolution to national religious bodies, national civil rights organizations and to select religious leaders FOR THE PURPOSE OF OPENING UP AN EDUCATIONAL DIALOGUE FOR CHANGE.


1980 Nation Convention, Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychology; August 13-16, 1980, Cherry Hill Hyatt, Cherry Hill, N.J.

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