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Petition: Attachment Two

An Appeal from Dr. Christopher C. Bell, Jr. to the Black Clergy to stop preaching and teaching that: “Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is worthy to be worshipped.”


The Black child is loved.  The Black child is fed and cared for.  And the Black child is slowly poisoned.

  Poisoned?  How so?

The Black child is mind-poisoned.  He is mind-poisoned by the Christian theological teachings of a Trinity, and the icons and images of Jesus, portrayed as a White Male, whom he is told is a God and his Lord and Savior and is worthy of his worship.

  Once internalized, these teachings produce in many Black male children the mind-set that White people are better and smarter and more God-like than Black people like him.  And this mind-set is the beginning of a sense of diminished self-esteem, and an inferiority racial complex, and a self-hate in the budding self-awareness of many young Black male children

When the Black Youth is told by well-meaning authority figures of his own race, to believe that Jesus is a “God” and his “Lord and Savior” and the youth sees this “Savior figure” is portrayed or imagined as a White man, his deep silent thoughts, as quiet as it may be kept, tell him that he is not as good as White people, and that he is not as gifted as his White school mates, so why try to compete with them.

The Text

     I make this appeal because my studies and observations force me to conclude that: Black people are NURTURED toward a sense of inferiority to White people, and one part of the nurturing is done by the Black Church.  The specific reasons for my appeal are summarized below.

     The teaching of the Christian Trinitarian dogma that “Jesus Christ is the Son of God” and is worthy to be worshipped as “Savior of the World” should not be imposed on the impressionable, developing minds and spiritual awareness of our Black Youth because:

(1) These teachings subliminally promote and nurture in many pre-adolescent and adolescent Black males a diminished self-esteem, and a sense of racial inferiority and self-hate.  And:

(2) This diminished self esteem, sense of racial inferiority and self-hate become manifested in the young Black male as low motivation to compete in academics with his White counterpart and result in low academic performance of Black males in school.  In addition, this diminished self-esteem, sense of racial inferiority and self-hate are acted out in an array of anti-social or self-injuring activities, such as: a lack of the will to excel, irresponsibility, drug addiction, high rate of Black on Black crime, abuse of women, and many other crimes that make the crime rates in Black communities the highest in the country and make the incarceration of Blacks in the prison population a sky-rocketing statistic  For many of these youth, these negative self-inflicted injuries and anti-social trends and characteristics will continue into adulthood.

(3) This teaching is a FALSE faith tale that is rooted in 2000 years of myths, superstition, ignorance, intellectual coercion, politically inspired censorship that began with the early Church Bishops, who were backed by the vaulted power and force of the Roman Empire.  I am certain that many of our trained and educated Black clergy are aware of these superstitions, coercions, political censorship, and conspiracies that brought forth these often contrived faith tales.  But they have not and perhaps will not explain these things to their congregations for fear of economic lost or lost of control, or lost of their vaulted positions.  There may be a few Black clergy in high positions who are ignorant of these superstitions, these intellectual coercions, these political censorships and conspiracies, but if there are, they should educate themselves and lead our youth away from the dependency of a savior and toward a spiritual awakening and a goal of seeking a self-dependency.

Note: There are many writings and studies by serious Biblical scholars who go into details about how the censorship, coercions and politics promoted the adoption of this Trinitarian dogma by the early Roman church.  The doctrine was adopted almost three centuries after Jesus’ death

(4) Continued teaching and preaching of this dogma subliminally promote and nurture a sense of superiority in pre-adolescent and adolescent White males.  This is because, in part, White males realize that their Black counterparts are also taught to believe in a “Savior” who looks like  a White male, and when this happens, with this realization the seeds of racism have been planted.  From their sense of their own closeness to that which is worshipped by others, the Western European White man has  historically exerted macro-religious aggressions on non-white people and women. 

(5) This teaching and nurturing of both Black Youth and White Youth about a “God” or a “Son of God” with distinctly Euro-centric core values of whiteness, and beauty, and thought and holiness will never allow Blacks and Whites in America to attain the Beloved Community of Brotherhood, and will always burden the Black man with a sense of inadequacy and inferiority, no matter the improvements of educational comforts and opportunities or the equalizing of educational facilities.

/s/ Christopher C. Bell Jr.,  ED. D


On July 20, 2006, the Prince George’s County Chapter of the SCLC hosted a discussion group of Black ministers for the primary objective of discussing the role of the Black Church in carrying out the tasks and challenges noted in the Covenant.  In his agenda, the discussion leader, made available some time to discuss the Petition, however the time was too short to allow for a thorough discussion, and during this short period there was vigorous debate between the petitioner and several members of the discussion group.  In the interest of time, the discussion leader terminated the discussion and suggested that the disputants arrange some other time to complete their discussion.

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