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The Belief Factor & the White Superiority Syndrome

In this book, Dr. Bell explains how the notion of white superiority is in part subliminally acquired from Christian Trinitarian beliefs. Dr. Bell cites scholarly references as he asserts that the Christian Trinitarian dogma that GOD (the Creator) has a Begotten Son (Jesus), who for centuries has been pictured as a White man is a key subliminal catalyst that promotes a White Superiority Syndrome in both Black and White people.

The book explains how this Trinitarian dogma and its accompanying icons prompt a sense of empowerment and superiority in White people and a sense of inadequacy and inferiority in Black people. Dr. Bell describes the low self-esteem and the negative educational, social, political, and cultural manifestations of Black people who have been blemished by the White Superiority Syndrome.

Dr. Bell notes that the Black Christian Church is the prime “carrier” or “pusher” of the Trinitarian dogma in the Black community. He stresses that if the Black man is to ever psychologically free himself from his sense of racial inferiority, the Black Church must stop preaching and teaching the Trinitarian dogma of its adopted Christian belief system.

Several of the authorities cited by Dr. Bell in this book are noted below.

Dr. Francis Welsing notes (p.166): "Absolutely critical to the White Supremacy system of religious thought was the formation of the image of a White man as the ’Son’ of God . . . . With this unconscious logic circuit of ’God is a White Man’ firmly in place, white domination over non-white people could last for one trillion years."
The Isis Papers; Keys to the Colors

Professor Na’am Akbar states (p.48): “The most obvious problem that comes from the experience of seeing God in an image of somebody other than yourself is that it creates an idea that that image, that person, is superior and you are inferior. Once you have a concept that begins to make you believe that you are not as good as other people, your actions follow your mind. ... You begin to believe that you have less human potential than one who looks like the image.”
Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery

Imam W.D. Mohammed states: "What would happen if people would sit in churches throughout the world for centuries, with the image of an African-American man as Savior of the world before them? What would this do to the minds of the world’s children?
Muslim American Journal

Book Review Quotes on The Belief Factor and the White Superiority Syndrome.

"This is an excellent book for Black Christians and anyone else interested in the far reaching consequences of Black religion. If examined with an open mind, this book could at least positively reform Black Christianity and lessen its negative effects."

Norm R. Allen, Jr.
Executive Director
African American for Humanism
Buffalo, New York

"I share with you the knowledge that racism is deeply related to the structure, both institutional and theological, that create the context for our lives. Your analysis is very consistent with that which the UUA is using to further its anti-racism work."

Reverent William Sinkford
Unitarian Universalist Association
Boston, Massachusetts

"Thank you for sharing your book, the Belief Factor and the White Superiority Syndrome. I am delighted to find that other writers have Picked-up this important issue. . . . I commend you on your efforts to persist in the crucial task of bringing a better understanding of these “beliefs” and their impact on our conduct as a people. I will certainly direct people to your book when I invite them to look more closely at the issues of our psychological slavery and the genesis of those chains."

Dr. Na’im Akbar
Executive Director
Mind Productions
Tallahassee, Florida

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