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Soldiers Do Reason Why

This is a book of prose and poetry in which Major Chris Bell expresses his impressions of his military experiences and the lessons-learned that came his way. The feelings expressed in these poems have universal application and appeal for most people: whether they are military or civilian, old soldiers or young soldiers, or military wives and mothers. The book’s theme and contents clarion the fact that soldiering is a stress filled profession. Further the prose and poetry tell us that the average three-year soldier is bent on following his orders, but he is a thinker too, and he often silently ponders the logic of some of the things he’s ordered to do.

An excerpt from one of the poems of "Soldiers Do Reason Why..."

Jason’s Going Home

Jason Jones
Don’t you know him?
The jive-man from Chicago
That big, black, beautiful dude
You’ve seen him around I’m sure . . .

. . .Tough to see Jason go like this
But I wonder if he knows
That he earned himself the Silver Star
And like other heroes, so he goes

I wonder what Jason’s thinking
And is his face happy or sad
Inside his aluminum casket
Draped with an American flag

Now Jason’s going to America
But they don’t like Black people there . . .

The book may be obtained by contacting www.amazon.com or www.bn.com or contacting the author by Fax: 301-856-8046.

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