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No More White Gods for Black People in America

Petition to:

Prince George’s County Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)

And to the Discussion Leaders at the “conference and conversation” about the Covenant with Black America,

Thursday: May 18, 2006




My petition to you, the members of this SCLC Discussion Board and your sponsoring organizations is that if you are serious about the contents noted in the “Covenant with Black America”, that you plan, and conduct regional conferences across America consisting of Bible scholars, Black Clergy and Church leaders, Neighboring Faith Leaders, Black Psychologists, Black Educators and Sociologist who will confer, and reason together in order to:

1.     Consider the resolution (See attachment one) adopted in 1980 by the National Association of Black Psychologists that calls for the removal of all Caucasoid images of the Divinity from public display and from places of worship, particularly were immature Black minds are likely to be exposed; and

2       Consider and endorse this author’s “Appeal to the Black Clergy and Black Church leaders” (See attachment two) that challenges them to

A.      stop preaching and teaching the Trinitarian dogma that “Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the World.”  This teaching is just as damaging to the psychological health of black people as are the images mentioned by the Black Psychologists.  In addition many serious Biblical scholars have shown by detailed investigative methods that this dogma itself is a story that was fashioned over the years from myths and superstitions, and

B.       begin teaching that Jesus Christ was a gifted Jewish Prophet, sage, and healer, whose life story and teachings serve as good examples for how people should treat each other, and that over the decades his life and his death have been wrapped in layers of mythology and superstition by his apostolic followers and the early church bishops.

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